Saturday 1 October 2011

September Review : Defiant Order

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September Review : Modeselektor - Monkeytown

Alright, first out of three album reviews I'll be doing over this weekend.

Birdy Nam Nam's Defiant Order.

One of the album I've been really waiting for, and the resultat is not disappointing.

For those who don't know BNN, they are four DJs, DMC world championship winner 2002. They each scratch on a turntable, each DJ having a part of the song to create, the result is impressive and eargasmic.

Their first album (Birdy Nam Nam) was funky and jazzy scratching masterpiece, the second one (Manual for Successful Rioting) was more clubby, with tracks produces by Justice or Yuksek.

Now comes their fird album.

It is produced by ony of my favorite producer, Para One, so I'm expecting a lot obviously.

I think there is two kind of songs in this album, BNN songs and Para One influenced songs.
The only downside I can see here, is that on most of the songs, you don't actually feel like you're listening to a BNN track, I'm not talking about oldschool BNN style, it's far gone now, but even the Manual for Successful Rioting style seems to be missing sometimes, I actually had to check if I wasn't on shuffle.

The album begins with a typical BNN song, you can recognize it in a few seconds.

Those two other tracks share that Birdy Nam Nam's awesomeness, Defiant Order is by far one of my favorite track from them the whole song is simply caviar.

Now let's take a look at "the other side" of the album, the strongly Para One influenced tracks, to keep this battle fair, I'll only put three songs, but let's say that on the out of the 11 tracks on the album, at least 6 could have been in here.

To sum up the album, I would say that it's not exactly what I was expecting. But that does not mean that it's bad, not at all.

I LOVE those distorded synths, the progression of most of the tracks is as good as usual, it's a real pleasure to listen to the whole album, you don't feel like there are "fill up songs" except for one maybe, Cadillac Dream, that is a bit repetitive on the vocal side and too chill, it kinda kills the mood.

Overall, great album, the Birdy Nam Nam and Para One combination worked like a charm, but again, you really need to enjoy Para One's style to enjoy this album in my opinion.



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