Monday 31 October 2011

October review : USA

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Surkin finally releases his much much MUCH awaited new album, I would almost say debut album because Action Replay felt more like a big EP than a LP, anyway, that's not important.

The album is a sweet combination of 90's electro with vocals that will make you feel like you're listening to 80's pop. An exemple ?

The other good news is that the album is almost only filled with new tracks, the few exceptions are White Knight Two, Silver Island and Ultra Light, but it's understandable because well... White Knight Two might be one of the best track he ever produced and Silver Island and Ultra Light were the main titles of his two previous EPs.

So, what are those new tracks, and how do they feel you might ask, well, as usual Surkin likes oldschool sounds and proves it in I.N.Y.N (who uses the most overheard Wooh ! of all times, but in a cool way for once.), but he's not only about big beats, he also creates some smooth as hell tracks, Never Let Go proves it.

I can't think of Surkin without thinking of Bobmo, as their Udon / Work EP was a true bomb. Good news is, they worked together again on the LP and made two great tracks. I love the influence Bobmo has on those tracks, they are as good as his tracks Rock The or Control.

I really recommend this LP if you enjoy Surkin, he did really well here once again. Unlike Justice for example, he kept his style so no big surprise but a nicely done LP. The only thing that could have been better is if those two (I'm not counting the intro) "shorter than 2 minutes tracks" were a bit longer... Rock It diserves an extended mix !

I know the album will not be available until next week for americans, but when it is, grab it; you won't regret it, trust me. There is everything an album needs, bangers, smooth relaxing tracks and the most important thing of all, TALENT.



Alex said...

Damn better than AVD and Total.

LRNT said...

Yeah, I think so too :p

Anonymous said...

You scared me for a second when you said "the few exceptions are White Knight Two, Silver Island and Ultra Light." I was afraid Fan Out (one of my favorite songs of all time) wasn't included on the tracklist. It is though and all is well in the world.

Also caught the Harry Thurman on the appropriately titled "Harry."

Aldo Moreno said...

muy buenas rolas

banksy canvas said...

Big time beats, thanks man!