Saturday 15 October 2011

The Glitch Mob @ Le Nouveau Casino

Hey there.

Last night I had the chance to watch The Glitch Mob perform live at Le Nouveau Casino. One of the best gig I intended so far.

The night beginned with Electrik Blast a french duo that would make anybody's head bang in half a minute, their mix was thrilling, way better than a lot of "party starters" I've seen that would simply throw tracks and that's it.

The set was a patchwork of great taste music, between hip hop, dubstep and jungle, adding a lot of beats to it, kind of like C2C. They included 3 new Rustie tracks that made everyone go crazy, no wonders why.

Next band was MC2, a glitch hop duet from the south of France.

I was not that convinced at first, then one of the two guys started climbing on the table, playing with a PC joystick and a PS2 controler, at this point most of the crowd went apeshit, me and my friends had to fight for 20 mins to get a decent spot to enjoy the Glitch Mob.

Then, those three cool guys came on stage, no big deal.

The live was simply amazing, one of thing that will hit right right away is how much fun they are having, ediT was smiling during the whole performance, playing with the crowd, who (unlike every crowd sadly) really know the songs, instantly started clapping during Make The World Stop and 7th Nation Army remix without any of the guys on stage having to ask for it.

I was really excited about The Glitch Mob live after seeing a few videos on youtube, the three of them would start grabbing drumsticks and add live drums to the music at some points, it gives a real energy to the tracks. Another addition they make during live is the vocal part, they add a lot of lyrics on some songs, probably samples but from songs I don't know so I can't tell if they were collab or simple samples, except at one point when they throwed Harder Better Faster Stronger's vocals.

Oh and one more thing... They gave us a little bonus, a brand new track they never played to anyone before, so here is a vid I took with my phone, the quality is obviously not great but you can still listen to it I think.

During the crowd shot Dj Missil came on stage and she started her set, we went back to the bar in the club to meet some people and listened to Electrik Blast were DJing.

After a 5am Nutella Crêpe, one hour of slow mo walk in the streets of Paris and two hours of train, here I am, still amazed by that night.

My opinion on The Glitch Mob live ? Powerful, entertaining and a lot of fun if the crowd is really into it.

Off to another crazy night.


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First photo is very funny. In general, I'm a little jealous of you, you very cool spend time. It is a pity that I do not like this music..

canvas print said...

Sounds like a wicked gig, I've heard a lot about glitch mob being great live but never caught them myself but after reading your review I feel I should.