Friday 30 December 2011

Names of 2011

Here is a (partial obviously, these are the things I will remember for the year anyway) list of important names that came up this year.


Pyramid has been around for quite some times but he really started getting attention this year, his 10 tracks long EP "Lost In Space" is simply filled with awesomeness, that guy will seriously be big in 10 years. His songs could fit so much movie scenes perfectly, everytime I hear one of his track I just picture the whole scene instantly.

Pyramid - Behind You

Talking about songs in movies : Drive wouldn't be the masterpiece it is if it did not have such an amazing OST. Kavinsky as opening credits, incredibly good COLLEGE track that will make you remember the scenes it's used in instalty when you listen to it. And Cliff Martinez's original tracks made for the movie are really making you feel the tention.

The Magician

Former half of Aeroplane Stephen became the magician for the pleasure of everyone enjoying retro synths. Magic tapes, remixes, original tracks, he did everything with talent, giving us something every month of the year...

He was already around for a year, getting recognition for his remix of The Island by Pendulum but 2011 was really HIS year. He remixed Deadmau5, Yelle (and opened for her too), made a mashup of Wolfgang Gartner for Porter Robinson. Oh and yeah he made Pop Culture Mashup who got crazy (well deserved) attention all over the interwebz.

Alecks Awklr
The kind of guy who links his bandcamp page on the shoutbox, you listen to it out of curiosity and instantly fall in love with. In addition to being a very nice guy he produced one of the best album of the year, it really came out of nowhere and I LOVE THAT. Alecks Awklr - Breathless

Alecks Awklr - Temple Runner

Dj Mehdi

Here comes the sad part of the post, the very sad part. I never understood much those people crying over famous people deaths, I was a bit sad when MJ died but that's about it. But now I get it, when someone who makes music you listen to almost everyday, makes songs who go right into your heart such as Pocket Piano or Signatune, and you hear that this man died, well you seriously feel something. I never had the chance of seing Mehdi on stage, but I always heard good things about his lives and about him being a genuinly nice guy. Hats off mehdi.

The Krays ft. Ebony Bones - We're Ready When You Are (DJ Mehdi Remix) from AbracadaRecords on Vimeo.

Rei Harakami
Yes, another name... You might not know him, we only posted once about Rei, but he made some very relaxing ambient tracks. A man to be remembered.

More to come, in my top 10 albums :)



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