Friday 3 February 2012

A Very Warped History 14: 2006 (4 Of 4)

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Rounding off what has been the biggest entry in the Warped series so far, we have Clark. I picked this LP up on a whim after listening to it a while ago, and since then I've come to love Chris Clark's unique take on the world of experimental electronic. Clark is probably one of Warp's less popular acts, so have a seat and enjoy!

I love that album art to bits. Anyway, The opener pretty much outlines Clark's style; an equal mix of rattling beats and spatterings of twinkling synths in the background. It's not gonna blow you away, but that's not the point. At least, not yet anyway.

Frau Wav is where things get intersting, the usual formula you heard previously is still followed, but with some violin action thrown in for good measure. It's like some tracks on Apparat's Walls or even a slower paced imagining of Venetian Snares' Rossz Csillag Alatt Született

The strings don't last long however and we're soon back in synthesizer territory. This LP has some great sounds on it, and this is a prime example as the synth line gets chewed up and spit out over and over again, becoming a distorted shadow of itself around the halfway point. And it's great.

I've posted this one before, but it more than deserves putting up again. Ted is short but very, very good, it's the tune I'd use if I were trying to sell someone on this album. The drops in this one get pretty intense, especially if you're a headphone user.

Speaking of intense, Vengeance Drools has you pretty much covered on that front. I like to think of it as a claustraphobic strain of hip & trip hop, cos this one's all about the beats that hit hard and pretty much never let up. especially so during the properly mental breakdown starting around 1:50.

The trend continues with Matthew Unburdened, which also sees the return of the strings we heard earlier. They start off fairly quiet, mingling with the synths slightly, until they slowly come to the foreground of sounds. I hadn't even noticed that before, which goes to show you how smoothly Body Riddle handles trasitions.

A brief respite, this time with something that reminds me just a little of Aphex's Logan Rock Witch from the Richard D. James Album. I wasn't a massive fan of this one at first, but grew to like it the more it came up, it makes a nice change from the usual makeup of tracks we've heard so far.

The Autumnal Crush will always have a special place in my playlists as up until this point I was digging the album, but nothing really knocked my socks off. Then this track started. I could tell it was gonna be pretty sweet from the intro, and then that drop completley blindsided me. And before I had a chance to recover, it dropped AGAIN. It was then that I was sold on this LP, and I recommend you check this out.

And that is that. We're coming up to the final few Warped posts now, I'll be sad to see them go eventually; they've been a constant source for posting for a year and a bit now. But enough sentimentals, enjoy the tunes and I'll be back soonish with more!

Riddle Me This,
-Claude Van Foxbat

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