Thursday 13 December 2012

Shuff Stuff

So the winding down of Uni work I was expecting towards the holiday season isn't happening. Like at all. Which is a shame and all but I'm not here to grumble too much, I'm here for another tunes sesh which I'm hoping to keep fairly regular from now on actually!

Stenchman's been off my radar for a wile now aside from the odd update he throws up over Facebook way, but this remix has been popping up a lot recently and I gotta admit it's pretty well done, there ain't much variation in it but the Stench works with it and makes something sweet.

Re-visiting the noise fest that is Oizo's Moustache (Half A Scissor) I found some quality on it, especially in the bonus track which is basically a bootleg remix of some long defunct Russian rap group Echo Depth Finders, hence the title. It has a pretty sick beat and the remix is pretty top notch too.

My go-to slice of feel good from Simian Mobile Disco's stellar debut Attack Decay Sustain Release next, even if it is technically more of a summery song. that opening is just sweet every time, and the return of Simon Lord on vocals from their former band Simian is just a great touch.

Moby next, dropping a rare slice of techno stuff on by far his most famous and cult chillout staple Play which I actually remember coming out. It's a massive wildcard in comparison to the rest of the album but is still quality throughout, sure it sounds a little dated but it was from 1999 after all, that's 13 (soon to be 14) years ago.

Rounding it off with another fairly chill number from fairly unknown bloke Sebastian Svahn, a lot of this tunes popularity comes from it being use in David Firth's delightfully twisted animation Video Dating Tape. I've had it lying around for a long while, that reversed piano n' synth combo in the intro is just class.

and that about wraps us up once again, I'll be seeing you later gang. Hopefully not too much later, 'tis the season after all.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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CirqueDuCloud said...

Yo. You seem like somebody who would appreciate ambience. I just listened to Heathered Pearls' new release "Loyal" today and it's pretty incredibull.
Here's this if you wanna check it out.