Sunday 6 January 2013

A New Day

So I thought I'd get around to laying down the very first post of 2013 before I jet off to Uni again tomorrow, just like old times it's gonna be me throwing up what tunes I'm feeling at the minute. Let's dive right in.

My good pal Evan laid a new tape on us not too long ago, this time he stretches out a bit and mixes up the usual hip hop affair with some Drum & Bass experiments he's been teasing us with for a while. I'll be sure to tell him to not be worried too much, cos this tune is way up there with my favourites in Liquid and Jungle.

Deadbeat Demon - Worlds Apart

More from the Stench again with another slice from his free album this year Moo Fire. Like the Demon, Stenchman gets his Amen Break on in this one and gives us a nice Jungle/Garage mix up in the vein of Skream. That piano hook is right on the money when it comes to living up to that Old School title for sure.

Stenchman - Back To The Old School

Again with another installment from Moo Fire but hear me out. I can't stand most stuff billed as dubstep these days, luckily Stench and his dub bud Suspect (appearing here as Suspicious Stench, get it?) have mostly kept it in line. This track is a little out of character in comparison to their usual output but still has that sound that is uniquely theirs. That and it has a lot more structure to it that straight up wobbles throughout.

Speaking of back to the old school,I finally got my hands on one of my favourite remixes of all time the other day; The Hacker's Fadin' Away, brilliantly reworked by Dima AKA Vitalic, and this tune pretty much has all the hallmarks of Poney EP and OK Cowboy era Vitalic on it. This tune is 13 years old but you wouldn't believe it, it was fresh when I first heard it in '07 and it's still as quality as it was on my first listen. Deffo check it out if you've not heard this one before.

And finally we have a cut from renowned beat butcher Venetian Snares. VS has a staggering amount of albums under his belt, this one come from his latest from 2010 which shares the same title as the album itself. It's the usual VS affair with skittering breakbeats littered throughout, though I would say this is definitely more accessible than the strings 'n beats combo on Rossz Csillag Alatt Született.

2013 AD,
- Claude Van Foxbat

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