Thursday 10 January 2013

Cold Snap

Evening all, while the university has me blogging away on a Personal & Professional Practice module, I thought I'd hit you up with a few tunes before I forget again. It's taken a cold turn here in the UK. Shocker, I know, but we thought we'd escaped after a fairly mild winter. No such luck unfortunately, but unlike everyone else I actually like the cold, and it gives me a nice opportunity to share tunes before I realise how much work I have to do again.

Kicking it off with some fittingly cold tunes first, with another cut from thew black sheep of Massive Attack albums, 100th Window. I've recently got back into this LP, and I can see why I left it alone for a while, a lot of the tracks towards the end are 8+ minutes long and end up hogging a lot of space on my SD card. Still, they've made a return recently and they are just as nice as ever.

Keepin' it European with my long time favourites The Knife. They've recently announced both a new album and a whole tour to promote it, but in the meantime I'll keep their third LP Silent Shout in rotation like I always do. It's hands down one of my favourite records of all time, it properly nails the aesthetic its going for.

And finally ending our cold jaunt is James Blake, his shelf wobbling cover of Feist's Limit To Your Love is pretty sweet, especially when that Fever Ray-esque voice tweaking gets involved towards the end. If you need help testing your system's bass, go ahead and skip to about 55 seconds in.

Not to leave you all out in the cold I thought I'd round it out with a couple warmer tracks. Starting with LA local FlyLo of course, I'd forgotten I had his July Heat bootleg tape lying around so I came across it today and went ahead and dug it out. There's some sweet ones on here for sure, here's one I'm feeling right now thanks to that tidy bassline.

And finally a fast riser in my collection of beatcrafters, its Knxwledge again with another cut from the Old Klouds LP, which is chock full of lovely instrumentals that you should definitely check out if hip hop's your thing. This one's a gem that pops up near the end of the album.

- Claude Van Foxbat

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