Saturday 19 January 2013

Altered State

I'm pretty burnt out at the moment. Having just finished a 3000 word essay on Rave Culture and how it responded to the media and the Public Order Act 1994 and still having multiple deadlines rapidly approaching and projects needing to be done left right and center it's not pleasant. But if there's anything I've learned in the past couple of years is you've just gotta get on with it, because as I so eloquently put it "No one likes a morbid bastard".

But you know what's always good? Music. And that's what we're here for right? Have another instrumental cut from that oh so obscure electrolash LP by Golden Boy Or. Going back to check on my first post from this album I found I'd put it up just about a year ago, by coincidence I'd taken this album out of my rotation because I'd grown sick from hearing it all the time. Now it's back with in all it's early 2000's glory and it's slightly too long title, enjoy.

Another tune from way back is one of Wisp's reworkings of AFX's Selected Ambient Works Vol. II. When I first downloaded these about 3 years ago I didn't think it would work at all, but Wisp surprised me alright. And even when I thought it'd ruin SAW V.II for me it didn't. Unfortunately I don't listen to much of his work outside of these reworks, but I can tell you one thing, he deserves a whole lot of credit for turning a purely ambient track into this.

Another reworking of AFX next, with David Firth's acoustic reworking of a tune from the unreleased (but floating around the 'net) tape Melodies From Mars featured on Locust Toybox's Remixes And Other Crap release. It translates rather well to the format change actually, and comes out sounding a little bit like a cut from Firth's other folk/acoustic project Grape Digging Sharon Fruits.

Bringing us full circle with another bit of early 2000's electroclash goodness with Ladytron. Same deal as with Golden Boy here, recently put this LP back in after getting sick of hearing it so many times. Unlike Golden Boy however, Ladytron have more than one album so that's easily solved. Here's one of my favourites from 604, I'm reluctant to lump the whole record into the electroclash label, but a lot of tracks have that monotone culture critique that is a big hallmark of the scene, especially on Playgirl. regardless, enjoy the tune!

Super Flat,
-Claude Van Foxbat

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