Tuesday 22 January 2013

About You

So here I am drafting up new ideas for a post, when coincidence strikes again. More on that in a minute because I have some good news! My very first semester at Uni ends soon so that means I have more free time to channel into sending tunes your way, so that's very nice indeed.

I decided to throw in another track from Stenchman's annual free LP Moo Fire, this time with a remix under his new Philestine alias that I'm really digging the sound of. This track keeps it low key, but as Stenchy said on his FB page that's entirely the point, keeping his usual work under Stenchman and working on something different under another name is a smart move for sure.

And with that I just had to include this nice little mid-LP bit that's in there as well. Oddly enough under Stenchman even though I think it errs a bit more on the Philestine sound that his usual affair. Anyway, the tune does serve as a nice interlude sandwiched between two full on dubstep tunes it creates a nice gap that Stench has used to similar effect on his other free LPs.

I recently revisited Röyksopp's stellar Junior, and I'd completely forgotten about that Japanese Bonus Track I'd picked up at some point. It's a proper quality tune, it has that lovely sound that makes up the majority of Junior and it's a shame that they didn't just included it as a final track on every pressing. I suppose the bittersweet musings from Lykke Li on the track are a bit too much of a contrast to the largely upbeat tracklist, but I think that's what makes it work so well as a final track before the ambient stylings of the follow up Senior.

It was around now I noticed a theme occurring, after I picked this next one it was pretty much sealed. Another album I've recently dug out again, Felix Da Housecat's He Was King, and another track with a 'You' in it. A lot of the electropoppy stuff on He Was King is pretty great, especially as a compliment to the sounds of Junior.

Bringing this theme to a close we have Peaches, with a cut from her LP I Feel Cream. This tune in particular was produced by good old Simian Mobile Disco, their influence kind of shines through, but it's not overly pronounced. Of course Peaches herself makes the track, a far cry from the days of Fuck The Pain Away in terms of lyrical content and delivery.

And Me,
-Claude Van Foxbat

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