Monday 29 April 2013


This year is turning out phenomenal for new album releases, just today Warp Officially announced a return from Scottish electronic wizards Boards Of Canada,with Tomorrow's Harvest dropping June 10th (sadly not June 9th) in europe, and the 11th in NA. After a cryptic vinyl release on Record Store Day followed by some activity on a youtbe accunt labelled 'Hell Interface' (BoC boffins will recognise it as a past pseudonym of the duo) and a video teaser on Adult Swim I had my suspicions that something was going on and I was right! It might not be the BoCSet of their old unreleased albums we were promised but I'd argue the first new LP since 2005's The Campfire Headphase is even better. Check out the Adult Swim teaser and an unlisted lovely lo-fi preview of the numbers station laden vinyl track after the released artwork.

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Faux Effet said...

This will be a crazy music year