Thursday 18 April 2013

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As you may have heard, Empire of the Sun is returning with a new album this June, and it's about damn time. Empire of the Sun put out some great stuff in the '08-'10 period (those 3 years when everything was just awesome), and I've been waiting for more brilliant tracks like We Are the People or Walking on a Dream ever since. It seems we might be getting just that.

I know some of the readers here are friends with me on Facebook, in which case you know that I'm a big Ellie Goulding fan. If she were an anime character and a I was a wiabu, she'd be mai waifu. But since I'm not that corny, she's just my favorite female pop artist, which is a much classier distinction. People may also have heard that I'm not a fan of Louis La Roche. Well I'm not. A lot of his strikes me as distinctly unoriginal, and I still don't believe his claims that he didn't intentionally impersonate Thomas Bangalter to promote his Peach EPin 2008. This remix kinda goes to prove my point- it's just dripping in Together. And also in Surkin. It's like he just superglued pieces of Surkin to Together with Ellie Goulding vocals. Meh. I dunno. I'm biased. Either way, this is still a very cool remix. I'm hoping to pick up the Halcyon Remixes album that Nike put out the other day to review it.

Also on Soundcloud, Magna posted this thing.

If you don't remember, Magna is an awesome American electro artist who released an EP on Power Glove Records a couple years ago and then quickly left his labelmates in the dust and became like a Super-Saiyan of production, and has been wowing everyone with crisp, fresh, genre-bending electro and house ever since. He's a pretty cool guy.

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