Wednesday 17 April 2013

Giving Up on Giving Up

Never give up something crucial to who you are to please other people. You'd think that no one should have to say that, because it should just a given, but perhaps its not. Sacrifice is admirable, but there are some things you just shouldn't sacrifice for anyone, one of those things being your taste in music. When I left the Ilictronix writing staff around two years ago, it was something I didn't really want to do, but I was under a lot of pressure from important people in my life to 'grow up', and one of the things that clearly had to go was my childish love of cheesy, shallow dance music, and wasting so much time on the internet.

Yeah, that was idiotic. It's taken me years to redefine myself as myself after finally throwing off the yoke of controlling, perfectionist peers.

There's be a bit of a paradigm shift within, and I still can't bring myself to appreciate the light-hearted jams I used to be in to. I call this the 'Grumpycat Syndrome', which has made it hard for me to appreciate anything fun and lighthearted, which is pretty much most of my old playlists. It's so bad I can't even listen to Discovery anymore. I mean, wtf, amirite?

The first thing that really brought me back though was one Mr. Sebastian Akchote. There's something about this guy I just can't figure out, but everything he produces speaks to me on a deep emotional level. I guess you really have to be an electrohead for instrumental electro tracks with awkward rhythms and bits and pieces of music dashed to tiny pieces and sprinkled all over it to be 'deep' and 'emotional'. But it is. And to heck with you if you tell me it isn't! Coming on the tail-end of my re-transformation was the new Kavinsky album, which left me with a lot of new house-shakers for rainy house cleaning days.

So that's kinda where I've been for awhile now, and I want to share with you some of the songs I've had on rotation for the last month or two. You've probably heard most of them before, but sometimes a nice walk through the Room of Playlists Past is a little refreshing.

Stay true, everyone.

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Claude Van Foxbat said...

Good to see you back Boba! I was gutted to see you go, I've had a couple irl friends of mine 'outgrow' electronic which has really limied my pool for discussion which is why I stay. I was close to leaving not long after I turned 18 because I wasn't well; I'm still not back to normal but I'm so glad I stayed, the blog has helped me a real lot in regards to that.

Also I feel where you're coming from on tunes though, I have a few albums that haven't aged well to my ears but the way I see it is your records, albums, whatever are your story and looking back on my blog posts it's really telling cos you can see the change in taste (and in writing style :P )

Looking forward to more from you Boba!