Sunday 24 August 2014

Morning After

Went out again didn't I, and had some time to reflect back on things on my stroll through town. Have a mixed bag of some post-night out musical accompaniment courtesy of me.

Edward Hopper - Summer Interior

More Sneaker Pimps remixes, and another example of a mix I like more than the original from Becoming X. Fold injects Roll On with a much more sinister trip hop vibe than the original, no doubt helped by Kelli Dayton being on point as usual.

Golden Boy's only full length is still pretty special, the collab between him and Kittin is a bit of a rarity, but is a mainstay in my library because I never tire of it. Here's a real sedate minimal-y number from near the end of the LP, it's grown on me with time for sure.

And finally Skream with a standout piece of dubstep from the early days of the scene. His debut album; Skream! is chock full of classics, but as the sun started to catch up with me there was only one song that fit. Still one of the finest instrumentals out there, got an awesome vibe that is almost unmatched.

-Claude Van Foxbat


BB said...

Love the Sneakerpimps Roll On Fold mix better than the original too, but that orchestra piano sample that sets in just after the start of the intro I'm obsessed with. I've heard in other places but never seemed to be able to shazam or google it. e.g. in this clip of Jeremy Clarkson reviewing a (wonderful) Riva Aquarama speedboat (2:10):

Does know what that piece of music is or where it's from?

Claude Van Foxbat said...

Oof, I know the feelin'! I Had a quick look at whosampled but they don't have the Fold Mix listed. You best bet is to find another tune with it in if possible and have a looksy at whosampled yourself, might be one one of those sample vinyls like the Amen Break was.