Monday 19 January 2015

Because You're Freeeeeeeeee

I am done for two weeks, so have a break form words and have some sngs instead yo. Tunes after the art as per us'.

Jim Dine -Four Hearts (1969)

More housy goodness from Stench's Philestine alias, after having hear the preview for this one for so long it's ice to hear it in its full glory. That main synth line is straight from the locally produced house tunes I used to listen to in the early 00's with that modern garage spin on things, it's sick.

As you all well know, I looked back into stuff I listened to circa the early 00's again not too long ago, there I fell in love all over again and found a new addition to my list of favourite house producers A:xus it seems is criminally underrated, which is a shame because he's still making stuff that gives me that feeling the early 00's house did. This one came out in '09 but I'll be damned if that soulful house combo isn't just timeless, I absolutely adore this one.

Speaking of classic house now would be a good time to revive by far the most famous and hardest to find of Felix's remixes; the Heavenly House version of Sinnerman. Shot to fame again not too long back after HTC used it in an ad campaign, while an odd choice given it's house and all I can't fault hem for it, it's a quality tune to this day.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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