Wednesday 7 January 2015

Wednesday Workin'

Hello all, just got feedback on my final draft of my dissertation and by all accounts it's going alreet. So with that gap in my schedule I'm gonna lay down some audio music for you all to enjoy.

Dabs Myla - Sunshine Dreams And Super Constellations

First tune here is decidedly non-electronic but it's been repeating on me all week and we do like to break the electronic mold occasionally here on ilictronix. So have some laid back Japanese indie courtesy of The Pillows

Recent listening has also seen a return to the more jazzy side of things, and 'Pusher is a go-to guy for that. The opening couple of tracks on Hard Normal Daddy are still jut as sweet as the first listen, get a load of 'Pushers bass work on this one.

Can't mention Jazzy beats without giving a nod to Mr. Scruff. When I picked up the re-issue of his debut (the cleverly titled Mrs. Cruff) I almost blew my setup with this one, that bassline is deadly. Check him out if you're looking for more vibes like this one.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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