Monday 5 January 2015

My God, It's Full Of Stench

Hello and welcome to 2015! We got a special dealio for you right now, as you probably already know I am a staunch supporter of all things Stenchman, and when the man said he was gearing up for his traditional Christmas LP I was hyped to say the least. I got my hands on it a little later than expected but oh boy was it worth it. Tracks and words after the art!

Now Stench's annual compilations have been just that, compilations of his tunes. So when he said he was structuring this one like an actual album on twitter I was very interested. And it most definitely works, you don't have to be a complete Stench Stan like me to get an idea of the man's sound with this menacing intro:

For the first full length we get even more of the man's vibe on show. Don't let that chilled vibe in the intro throw you off, this is still a tune from a guy who has tracks with names like Vagitarian Meal and it's not long before that becomes clear. So far the album is living up to it's title, it's wobbled my shelves plenty already.

Another tune that's been on his soundcloud for some time now, When God Puts His Arms Around You is a solid example of why I keep my eye on Stench's output. Not one to fall into the trap of Brostep, alawys keeping it fresh, dark and interesting. Sounds a little bit like the stuff he's making under the Philestine alias at the moment.

Speaking of, there's some awesome stuff under that moniker on here too. I've been dying to get more of the Philestine stuff in my collection and this LP does not disappoint. The tracks are an amazing hybrid of Stench's dubstep and eye for samples mixed with a house vibe and I love every second of it.

And when it comes to tackling new genres I'm loving every little thing Stenchman does. I posted his Hip Hop previews a while back, but aside from a couple on the free EPs and LPs he puts out I don't actually have any. Until now at least. I am loving this instrumental to bits.

Not to say there's no Dubstep on here though, another one I had long forgotten about on the depths of soundcloud gets an official release. My Dubstep Funeral is a suitably somber but solid track that exhibits Stenchman's dub production chops very well indeed.

Going to skip some tracks here otherwise I'll be here all day. Moving into more upbeat territory we have The Lithopede, he's dabbled in Drum & Bass a little before and this tune is anoter installmen of that. The bassy sounds Stench uses gel really well with a faster tempo so it's nice to see a return to the style. Definitely one of the faster tracks on here.

And I'll leave you all with the final track that I think we glimpsed in the Hip Hop Previews I mentioned earlier. Another case of a excellently picked sample for sure, I don't think I've ever heard a hip hop song I'd call unsettling but Stenchman has shown me something surprising once again, and I love it.

So there you have it, another insight into the beautifully twisted world of Stenchman. Do the man a favour and get your mitts on this album when it drops on the 9th of January, it'll be up on his bandcamp for a choose your own price sale, so you can nab it for free if you so desire. He deserves a few quid though for all the free stuff he's given us over the years.

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