Saturday 10 January 2015

Weekend Waitin'

So my Dissertation is pretty much ready to be handed in. I was gonna pop in today to double check and see about handing in my actual work too but Uni is closes early on Saturday and isn't open Sunday so I'm stuck until Monday. While I'm here I might as well knock up a post then.

Tom Wesselmann -The Smoker (1971)

I'm in need of more stuff in my collection, shuffle doesn't seem to be cutting it as much these days but it occasionally serves up summing good. Case in point: the Pretty Lights I have tucked away in my libary that harldy comes up. Taking Up Your Precious Time is the better album, but the follow up, Filling Up The City Skies has it's own moments too.

Another bit from the FlyLo demo tapes floating around the net. A much more conventional side to Lotus you may not have heard before, even at this early stage you can tell he's got good production chops. It's just a shame it's a little short, I'd love to see more of the half baked ideas FlyLo has on his hard drive.

Digging Mr. Scruff out for some listening rotation since my last post was a good move, after being away for so long I'd forgotten he has some solid tracks in there. Falling in love with this one all over again right about now.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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