Wednesday 4 February 2015


I dun goofed in that last post so Hype only archived the first tune. And I really like watching the little numbers go up so I am here to post again in the hopes of giving me something to do in my downtime.

James Doolin - City Of Glass (1990)

Thought I make it up in style with a tune I've been holding onto for a long time. From one of my most favourite titled albums ever; Chicago, Detroit, Redruth comes this one. It doesn't matter how bad the day's been yo ucan't help but smile from the first few seconds. Them beats ain't too bad neither.

Coming full circle now, here's a tune I deconstructed for my first year essay. Coming off the heels of my dissertation it looks basic now, but Autechre's protest EP still has it's moments. Here's by far the best track Flutter which is programmed so that no bar of beats is the same which is pretty interesting to listen to. Heads up it sounds even better if you slow it down like 10-20%, try it!

And finally Ex-Games turned Ford & Lopatin with their breed of 80's infused chillwave goodness. Bearly missed a spot on my cyberpunk playlist from the artwork alone. Dug out the LP again ad it is still very nice, really wish they'd come out with some more stuff in the near future.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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