Monday 23 February 2015

Self Employed

Being reduced to one day a week isn't too bad, I got videos to keep me occupied and that, even if rendering takes up 80% of my time these days. Here's some tunes seeing me through my rotoscoping today!

Sigmar Polke - The Plant

First up is a tune I barely missed out of my overview of Stenchman's new album. This one's a collabo between his usual vibes and his love letter to the 80's project Steel Stallions and it's pretty bloody great in all honesty, as usual with stench those samples are on point and that bouncy bassline is damn catchy.

Which put me back on his solid Philestine side project. The remix he did of DJ Shadow's Scale It Back keeps it fairly simple but I cannot get enough of it. Headphones are a must to appreciate this one to it's fullest. It's got little in common with the original other than Yukimi's solid vocal contribution, amazing what a little increase in tempo can do for a song.

And funnily enough as I was going through footage frame by frame this little number with a fitting title came up. I've said it before but I'd love for more demos from flylo in the vein of this. Not to say I don't love the direction he's taking but I love me some instrumental hip hop goodness.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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