Saturday 14 February 2015


Taking the weekend off as usual, realised I didn't stockpile any valentine's mixes like I have done in the past. Oh, cock. Instead have some kinda love-y songs I guess? that seems like a thing I could do to make up for it (and also the slow posts).

Romeo Britto -First Love

Been on a Björk type of thing lately, and I've been itching to post this one again, the tune and infamous video that introduced me to both her and Chris Cunningham and tickled my cyberpunk itch before I even knew I had one (or even what Cyerpunk was).

On that same line I will shamelessly re-post what is to this day till my favourite lovesong in the world: The live version of The Knife's Heartbeats. While no doubt influenced by José Gonzalez's cover that gave it a new atmosphere, The Knife aren't one to be beaten at their own song, and they return with the definitive version. Absolute classic.

Throwback to Simian Mobile Disco's debut. Honestly the tracks here have aged incredibly well, it's coming up on 8 years old now and it's all still pretty fresh. It's chock full of gorgeous electro of the era, and this one along with I Believe are fantastic singalong tracks that I never tire of.

Just realised there's no instrumentals on here, so have an extra bonus from the Modeselektor lads, serving up some smooth synthy goodness with the simply titled I Love You, and I'll see y'all soon with more songs to get you by.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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