Thursday 19 February 2015

Turnin' Tables

Remember like 3 years ago when I posted about going for my interview? well guess whose turn it was to give the new applicants the same treatment this time? Das right this guy right here. So apologies for the post drought, I gotta go be an adult and serious shit. But here I am with some tunes so do not fear!

Pam Glew - Exhale (2013)

Kicking things is one of the first tracks from UNKLE's follow up to Psyence Fiction, held off on it cos there was a decent year gap between the LPs and DJ Shadow isn't part of the lineup on this one. Turns out 'm a big thicky bobo and should probably check things out fist because while quite different from the turntabalist trip hop vibes of Psyence, the tunes here are just as solid and in some cases just as moody.

Got majorly into the Late Night Tales series a while back as you probably all saw with my playlist obsession. The cover songs have always been a highlight, from Röyksopp doing Depeche Mode toFatboy Slim doing Kraftwerk there's plenty to go around. But what's been played the most recently for me is Trentemøller's electric treatment of Chris Isaak's Blue Hotel. It's sinister in spots but is overall a gorgeous listen.

And finally another tune I avoid due to thicky bobo-ness. I kept being recommended Thievery Corporation at every turn thanks to my trip hop listening but avoided it because I was pretty sure that it'd be ore loungy than the moodier vibes of Massive Attack and the all out depressive Portishead. Turns out Trip Hop can jump the pond and it can be done just as well by my transatlantic brethren.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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