Wednesday 8 July 2015

Carpe Diem

Can you believe that we are halfway through 2015?! It has been a wild ride so far with more surprises  in store.

Hi & Saberhägen - Better Love 
I've been playing around with apple music for the past week and it has been a wild ride for sure. The selling point for many is the curated playlists and apple genre editors who are as crazy about deep tracks as we are. One of the top tracks I've come across on the experimental channel is this track "Better Love". An absolutely hypnotic track, with an organic build and release. I would love to see the hardware setup used to make the warm synths and the machine-gun snares. 
Caius - Things Gonna Be Ok
Friend of the site Caius is back and smoother than ever with a silky new track "Things Gonna Be Ok" The talented producer sounds more confident than before and proof is all over this jaw dropping new cut.

Tora - High Enough
This dreamy track by Tora proves there is still a little blood left in the Chillwave stone. 

Mura Masa - Are U There
A fun one from Mura Masa's new Someday Somewhere EP sounds like if Disclosure had a baby with Jai Paul and flume raised it. The results as you might have guessed are derivative, but the track is still fun and worth a listen.

Gnyonpix - She 
BootyTune is a Japanese label that specializes in Juke and Footwork, with a growing number of talented artists. One of the labels heavy hitters Gnyonpix, keeps the BPM insanely high while being able to fit a smooth synth lead that worms its way into your ears. 

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