Tuesday 7 July 2015

Soundcloud Roundup: The Sequel

More soundcloud times now, because my feed refreshes with neat stuff practically daily. Starting off again with more from my recent music buddy Celadon City. I said to the man himsef over twitter last time that his recent output reminds me a little of what Plone were putting out back in the late 90's, and this one manages to be even more like that. Not too long ago I was saying that Plone's playful electronic had no modern equivalent, but I guess I've found it now.

Been working on a new showreel for a while, and Abrev. was a strong candidate for my soundtrack for a while, barely losing out to some instrumental Crystal Castles. I first saw him over on /r/Cyberpunk_Music and his output his more than often in that techy near future vein. Check it out if you need some sounds to have on while you hack the planet.

Handy forward from Jay showed me this song he originally sent us on the 1st (but I didn't get for some reason). A bit late on the train but it was dropped in celebration of the Supreme Court decision on Gay Marriage. As we all know though a LOT of dance music owes itself to LGBT+ people, and any an all support is welcome. Also the title reminds me of Robert Owens' I'll Be Your Friend

-Claude Van Foxbat

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