Saturday 11 July 2015

Diggin Kittin

One thing I love about Miss Kittin other than her productions is how she's been real good about archiving pretty much every track she's produced, been featured on or otherwise. I've stopped going through it as much because I always fall in love with some obscure vinyl track from 2000 which is impossible to get a hold of but I couldn't help myself this time. Alexander Polzin gives the already pretty downtempo Rippin Kittin some minimal ambient tratment, and I adore it.

And just because I'm really feeling the early 2000's nostalgia I get from the song itself, here's the original in all it's existential electroclash glory. It actually sounds a little different from my copy but knowing Kittin it could be a vinyl rip, and it's from the original pressing with the cherries on the cover art. (2020 edit, not on Kittin's soundcloud anymore, swapping to Bandcamp)

Recently she teased a upcoming release of some previously unheard Kittin + Hacker tunes. They're only short previews but I am hype for the actual release, interesting to see how both Kittin and Hacker have evolved over time in both production and delivery areas. That and I'm a sucker for more techno-style early electroclash, and I'm totally in love with that chorus tease at the end.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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