Friday 3 July 2015

Colder Weekend Tunes

A stonking 10 degrees (that's Celsius by the way) colder than yesterday. And I am loving it. Before I head away for the weekend I thought I'd hook you up with more tunes to see you through.

Pam Glew - Wilderness (2013)

Been digging up more EBTG recently. They were around for a long long time and their sound evolved pretty drastically from their pop-rock debut in '84. By the mid 90's when Walking Wounded came out, they were experimenting more with electronic things but rather than go down the Trip Hop route like their collabs with Massive Attack, Drum & Bass was the order of the day. I still quite like it, admittedly I have a soft spot for 90's D&B but I think the tune is still incredibly smooth, and Tracey's voice compliments it in fine fahion.

'Nother shout out to Yoko Kanno again for introducing me to Ilaria Graziano. She's not got much work under her belt, but her contributions to the Stand Alone Complex soundtrack are some of my favourites. Long intro type thing on this one, but stick it out because the second half of the song is sweet as.

Re-posting this A:xus tune too, becuase I am still madly in love with it and it fits the warmer weather as well as it did the cold back in January. He's well on his way to climbing my ladder of favourite house crafters, I thought he'd only had a limited output in the early 00's but even 9 years on with Suite Disappointment A:xus still has it.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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