Tuesday 20 October 2015

Always Forever Ambient

It should com as no surprise to any of you reading that I do love me some good Ambient tunes. Now I've been trying to move away from that in recent times just because I think it can get a bit boring, and even the most chilled out bloke in the world has to enjoy some good old fashioned electro house every once in a while. Unfortunately I've been scratching my head for a day or two trying to figure out what to post and I'm back on that ambient train, let's go.

More from Celadon City who is currently out of town, he was nice enough to leave us with a little song before he left though. Again, much much different from his Rustie-esque tunes of before, this one almost seems to take some cues from Apparat and co with that building noise. A treat to listen to, and short enough that it shouldn't be too alienating to everyone but the drone lovers.

Opposite end of the spectrum now, I couldn't do an ambient post without mentioning my man Daniel Lopatin. I've got a place for all his side projects but I'll always love Oneothrix Point Never, between the ovearll retro-ish aesthetic and his gorgeous command over the synths there's nothing for me to not like. A bit on the long side this one for the casual listener mind.

Now would be a good time to mention I've been playing Mass Effect again and as such have a hankering for spacey tunes s of now. Did some digging on µ-Ziq's soundcloud and found this unreleased remix with an interesting tale: "Tom didn't like this one as he thought the second half seemed to make light of the tune which wasn't my intention. But he was right in hindsight, none of these really deserved to come out compared to their amazing originals.". Mike has a point there, the first half is certainly much better than the second. Even so, it's always interesting to see unreleased behind the scenes type things, and this is no exception. -Claude Van Foxbat

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