Friday 23 October 2015

Done Goofed 2

I swear it keeps sneaking up on me that I have to post and once again I have nothing prepared. Other than these bits of my favourite late night tales compilations I was revisiting so they will have to do. Saying that I have nothing but high praise for Röyksopp's entry to the series, it's chock full of gorgeous tunes that fit he series' theme as well as tracks you can tell have influenced them a whole bunch in their own production.

Trentemøller's is also pretty good, not every track is a hit for me like on the 'Sopp one, but there are still some solid picks on there, and again some of the influence the songs have had on his own productions is evident throughout. And no matter how I feel about some of the choices, the cover of Blue Hotel included is still solid, and the way it's seamlessly introduced in this minimix is gorgeous.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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