Thursday 1 October 2015

Mike Sheridan

Hello again - Jakob here!

Today I want to tell you a little bit about a young and very talented individual by the name of Mike Sheridan. I was actually going to write about something else(you will get that later), but I recently had the opportunity to go to a workshop that he was hosting. Mike Sheridan is what you most likely would call a "electronic musician/composer". And yet, he is so much more than that. As a sort of introduction to the workshop, he told the small gathering that he doesn't understand alot of music theory. He even called himself dumb at one point. What's interesting, though, is that he sees this "dumbness" as a good thing - something that can work to his advantage when creating.

Stylewise his music is somewhere in between ambient and experimental techno. I've picked out 2 tracks from his debut album - "I Syv Sind". Translated to english it would mean something along the lines of "In Two Minds" only that "syv" doesn't mean two, it means seven.

Both of tracks really encapsulates the ambient techno side of his sound. All the while still having a soundtrackish quality to it. The title track "I Syv Sind" is a perfect example of that.

The second track, Stilhed (Silence) I chose because of the vocal. I mean, after all, this is a focus on Danish(!) music, so of course there had to be some of that delish danish language in here somewhere.


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