Wednesday 7 October 2015

Comfort Tunes

Not shaping up to be a brilliant week. But I'm tryin me best to carry on regardless, British Spirit and all that. Anyway it's time for more tunes I put on whenever I get a little bit down like this, surprisingly you don't really want to throw shapes to '92 techno when things are a little blue.

Jeremy Mann - 7th Ave. Night (2012)

And blue things will be; here's a little something I've been holding onto for a while, I first heard of Michael Brook's Cobalt Blue when I was on my ambient streak a few years back. Ultramarine is by far one of my favourites from the LP, it gets a little dark in spots for sure, but I always fall in love with the interspersed guitars throughout when they come up. Not strictly electronic but I highly recommend the album, it's consistently gorgeous throughout.

Another throwback but even further this time. Alpinestars' White Noise is an album I picked up off the heels of Röyksopp's Melody A.M. in the early 00's because I was in love with the new breed of chillout that was hip at the time. The album's aged poorly in parts for sure, but it still has parts that I still like a bunch and take me back to being young & dumb. Take the single Burning Up for one.

Bringing it a bit closer now, a tune I was in love with non-stop for about a year straight back in High School (when the album was new!). Between this and Destroy Everything You Touch you have a portal that takes me back there. A lot of good times associated with this one, it's still got a place in my heart.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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