Saturday 23 January 2016

Clicky Clicky

So much for that schedule I was keeping to so well. And my mouse continues to change its mind about whether it's going to click once or twice. Other than that not much of note which is probably for the best. So back to the slightly irregularly scheduled song things.

Decided to check in on Commix, I know they put out another LP a while back this time of some old unreleased things if I remember right? Cheching up on their discogs it seems it's been reduced to just George Levings of the original Duo (which even further back was a trio). I'd not listed to any of it save for Fallen above which was released on its own digitally, so I thought I'd treat myself.

I really dug Commix's style of Liquid that was on Call To Mind, but this time around things feel a little more sedate, a little like some stuff Moving Shadow was putting out in the early 00's. Not that that's a problem mind, I got a real soft spot for that kinda sound because that's when I was first started paying attention to the genre.

Not to say there isn't stuff similar to Call To Mind to sink your teeth into; Gorgeously smooth intros that give way to full, thick basslines. My only complaints are minor, it seems a little short, and that Breakdown towards the end is beautiful, I'd rather it fade out there than have the D&B portion come back for only a few bars. Still, yet another mark on my ever growing list of 'Things To Pick Up'.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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