Tuesday 19 January 2016

Don't Count On It

You;d think after 3 years of Uni and freelance I'd know a thing or two about making sure things get there on time, well it turns out I don't and I need to chase up Celadon City about a Q&A we had planned for yesterday but no matter. As compensation have a belated usual post in its place until I know what is even going on.

Trust as soon as I moan about my soundcloud feed not turning up anything good for the umpteenth time, it actually comes through. My buddy Abbrev. once again works up something with the slightly retro vibe, I can't fault it for much, if anything I want him to re-post it in 5 months or so and see if it catches the summer blogger's ears.

You all should be no stranger to the slightly sinister synthwave from Scattle by now. I don't know why I haven't thought to check if he had a soundcloud until now but hey ho. Get a load of this for your weekly fill of shamelessly retro sounds, this time with bonus Howie Scream samples.

It's not over yet though, while Scattle could easily be at home on a film soundtrack, Magic Sword take it in a slightly different direction. From what I've heard a fair few of their songs take a while to get going, but they do in spectacular fashion; layering on sounds until you end up with some hybrid synthwave come electro house anthem. It's pretty nice.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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