Friday 15 January 2016

Right On Time

Look who has two thumbs and is managing to keep to schedule so far this year, it me. Originally intended to be a soundcloud roundup but I'll be damned if the holiday drought isn't keeping firm. As such have another round of me current playing list instead.

Morris Graves - Time Of Change (1943)

I've mentioned The Flashbulb's penchant for post-rock stylings a fair bit as of late, but never actually shown off any examples of it until now. The second half of the album's intro should do that nicely though. It also helps I'm a sucker for spoken word samples too but I digress. Together the two opening tracks perfectly display both sides of the LP, both the ambient and the more upbeat.

Been a while since I posted some synthwavy stuff, though I got most of it out of my system with that NYE post. I made the mistake of animating something to this tune a while back, which if you've ever tackled something like that you know is a sure fire way to get you to hate the song. But truth be told I still love it a whole lot, as soon as I hear those twinkling opening notes I fall in love all over again. It helps that it's got a shelf wobbling bassline to boot.

And lastly a downtempo throwback to 2001 with Röyksopp's debut LP. I actually prefer the slightly remixed version they used to play live (mainly because they added a vocoded chorus if I'm honest), but I'd be lying if I said that sample wasn't worth the price of admission alone.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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