Wednesday 6 January 2016

Someone Search For Earth

Long time music bud Celadon City has wasted no time getting down to business this year, he's mentioned offhand a couple of times about the LP he's been working on for years now and it's slowly becoming a reality. I'm no stranger to album releases ofc, but there's something a little more exciting about it when you know the person behind the tunes.

Speaking of, lets actually talk about the music, it's once again a more ambient style piece than the usual Celadon City sound I've posted before. I've been giving The Flashbulb's Soundtrack To A Vacant Life a listen again for a few weeks now, and this tune could almost pass for one of the songs on there only without the post-rock bits. Now you all know I love ambient as it is, but if the albums title, Earth: OST, is anything to go by I should be in for a major treat as themed albums are also a weakness of mine. If this is the introduction to the LP, I am very much on board where Mr. City is going to take me.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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