Sunday 22 May 2016

One For The Road

Robert Filliou - Main D'artiste (1967)

Had a couple things lined up for another post but they fell through unfort, so instead I've cobbled together an alternte list real quick. I've been trying ot keep things pretty mellow as of late and that is definitely going to reflect here. Take number one; one of my all time favourites from Seefeel, dare I say I actually like this mix more than the original.

Plaid occasionally hits a nice middle ground with that type of sound too, granted their breed of IDM isn't as aggressive as say Squarepusher or the like, but even compared to their own output Ralome is deliciously smooth. Easily one of the standouts from Rest Proof Clockwork.

And finally yet another piece of Corenlius' soundtrack for Ghost In The Shell Arise. I've said before that the OST is by far and away the most electronic of all the GITS incarnations (which is a little surprising considering how many and how long it's been), it fits incredibly well. Take this ambient piece with bonus AFX reference that'd be right at home in an OPN mix or the like.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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