Friday 13 May 2016

Return Of The Soundcloud Roundup

Been a long time since I pulled one of these, and now that Soundcloud only offers previews for a lot of stuff you might see a lot more of it in future. Regardless here's one from my feed that caught my ear, there's always a gap in my library for more A:xus-esque hosue numbers that are home to some slightly downbeat lyrical content despite the upbeat backing.

It should be no secret by now that I'm a sucker for instrumental hip hop stuff and slow jams. Chalk it up to early exposure to Adult Swim, which is actually relevant here with the cover being The Big O and all. Regardless, this one ticks all my boxes for that, with maybe just a smidgen of bonus Vapourwave in there too.

Me and Adam were talking a while back about how HudMo is never going to bless us with another LP like Butter, and that got me a lil nostalgic for that ever changing genre that wavers between ridiculous names like aquacrunk and #beats. Lucky there's enough floating around to scratch that itch a little, my mind would have melted had FlyLo been putting samples like this in Los Angeles.

-Cluade Van Foxbat

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