Tuesday 10 May 2016


Frederic Leighton - Songs Without Words (1860)

Not feelin' so hot again, so once again be prepared for more downbeat offerings. Not ideal given it's getting warmer but I ain't feelin' up to it right now. Starting with an instrumental as in the spirit of the painting above, here's an ambient piece from the usual noise rock folks of HEALTH.

Revisiting Blu Mar Ten hot off the heels of the international bent Thievery Corp sent me on. It's been in my collection for a long, long time. And like HEALTH's example above is a bit of a far cry from their Drum & Bass stuff, check out their debut if you're in the mood for some downtempo vibes with some house sprinkled in.

Röyksopp's Senior also fits that bill to an extent, though I'd probably say errs more on the ambient side throughout. Didn't think it'd been six years since the album came out, it's still pretty fresh in my mind, but then again even though there's only a year between it and the electropop sweetness of the previous album Junior, that gap felt like forever. Time is weird like that.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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