Friday 12 August 2016

Back From The Grave

Hoo boy it has been a while. I guess I missed my semi annual track dump after all eh? Long story short I did some dumb shit on my birthday and it took me out of commission until today, but I am back with an array of recovery songs. Lessgo.
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec - At The Rat Mort (1899)

Think I mentioned in passing a long time ago but it bears repeating now, I urge you all to make a sick/hungover/headache playlist because sometimes when you have a migraine you don't want throbbing TB-303s to come into the mix. It's done me wonders so far and I thought I'd repost one of my latest additions to it.

Bit of a diversion now, wanted to find a good streamer of this but soundcloud is garbo now. Regardless, here's some of the new Massive Attack. There's nothing like the moody instrumentals of the Massive lads and Hope Sandoval's forever melancholy delivery to ease the weekend in. I hope she becomes a frequent fixture of theirs in future, had my eye on her since the Mazzy Star days, and her parts on Heligoland were golden too.

Shan't all be doom and gloom and bring your Friday down mind. Here's another more uplifting Hotline tune to see you out. It's quite smooth considering what else there is on offer here, almost the spiritual successor to Jasper Byrne's Miami from the first OST. That'll be all, and it shouldn't be so long till I see you again!

-Claude Van Foxbat

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