Tuesday 30 August 2016

Tips And Tricks

Remember how I was saying that I had a real soundcloud drought going on? Well I found a couple workarounds for that. Sure, a lot of shit may be locked behind soundcloud go now meaning you only get 30 seconds or so of material, but there are some cool folks out there that have yet to fall to the wave of it.

Take Four Tet here, now I should say that I can never make my mind up about Four Tet, like Plaid and so many others it tends to be hit and miss with me. And when Oneohtrix Point Never gets to rework something now that is *very* hit and miss given his usual styles and all. But the ed result is actually pretty nice even if it doe stake a while to get going.

Now the second trick that's helped a whole lot. Instead of going after the usual spate of artists, go diggin' in your library for semi-obscure techno producers and see if they're still kicking. Luckily for me, Mijk Van Dijk is, here with a remix of Billie Ray Martin. It's kinda funny too, in a world where soundcloud is limiting people to 30 secs of songs, here Mijk is calling a 6 minute slice a 'snippet'. The tune itself is very nice, chock full of bass but still quite minimal, which is a tad unusual for me, but then again Mijk has always been one of the few minimal folk who I dig.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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