Sunday 18 September 2016

Replacement Audio Service

Well this *was* supposed to be another look at old school 90's techno courtesy of Mijk Van Dijk but I'm having trouble getting my hands on it. Suppose that goes with the territory of bein' semi-obscure and me trying to pick up a mix compilation of his only released in Japan in 1998 probably didn't help none either. Instead I have another nostalgia tinged special for ye, with Celadon City lending his hand to Blink 182's I Miss You, join me in a trip back to the early 00's.

Apologies for not being what I intended, but the sequel to what this post was meant to be seems to be on track, so lookout in a couple days for some late 90's electronic stuff that I may have posted some of recently!

-Claude Van Foxbat

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