Wednesday 7 September 2016

The SubmitHub Roundup, Vol. 3

Back again with a third helping of Submithub pickings, and the indie elctronic itch continues to be scratched (as does the good artwork train too I might add). After the last post I dug out my collection of indie electronic stuff and was lamenting the lack of any new La Roux rumblings, well once again someone must have been listening because this 'un landed on my screen today. Got a few minor quibbles with bits of the production front agree with me but it's very well done for the most part. I'd very much like to see something a little more downtempo from them in future, like the more sedate parts of Röyksopp's Junior

The most exciting part of these submissions is finding something you weren't expecting. Given the last few hip hop tagged submissions, I certainly wasn't expecting the lusciously smooth instrumental on show here, reminds me of many a bleary eyed night watching Adult Swim bumps. The lyrical accompaniment is on point too, the content and delivery go hand in hand with the instrumental, and there's a couple lines that hit a little close to home too, which is something that hasn't happened to me since the days of Aesop Rock's Labor Days and The Streets' Original Pirate Material.

Talking surprises, this one came to me billed as deep house, and the intro and art set me up for a relatively chill experience, imagine my surprise when those bombastic, almost brass like synths dive right in around 40 seconds. It's structured pretty nicely too, there's a nice breakdown and switch up around halfway through, and an extended outro, which is a little unusual but brings things to a closure quite nicely. Part of me wants it to be longer but at the same time I want it to stay the bitesize chunk of feelgood electronic that it is.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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