Friday 9 September 2016

Tricks 3

The trick continues to work, and I have some gold to share with you today because of it. Let me introduce you to Soichi Terada, a man you may have heard of but played a pivitol role in introducing a little Foxbat to the world of Drum & Bass in the late 90's. He's been around and making tunes for a long time, and his soundcloud is made up of mostly these. Before the Drum & Bass streak that would come later, there was house, so please enjoy some circa 1992 Japanese house in all it's glory.

They're certainly of the era that's for sure, but what I really dig is having heard his later drum & bass stuff, a lot of the sound types and structure remains the same, the overall feel just has this easy-going vibe to it that I've been digging up a lot lately, and I always appreciate upbeat sounding electronic stuff.

And these aren't even the oldest tunes on display there, the next one is from 1989! It doesn't have that easy going feel that I mentioned just a second ago, but it's still very well made. Not heard anything of his with vocal accompaniment before either, it's certainly... different, it mainly just gives me flashbacks to watching old school OVAs on VHS. An interesting look back regardless, and it's always nice to hear other countires takes on House.

-Claude Van Foxat

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