Monday 26 September 2016

Seen Things 2

Had a nice chat with some folks re: the last post about Vangelis' Blade Runner OST, and with that in mind I have another round of soundtrack tidbits for y'all. Starting with a little something from film and music maestro John Carpenter. The man has plenty of iconic themes to his belt and a distinctive style, here's something from '76 (that wasn't actually released until 2003 surprisingly) that caught my attention, those opening bassy stabs are a joy to listen to and a perfect fit for the flick itself.

Moving onto something a little different, I'm seeing my way through Deus Ex again as of late. A little Foxbat didn't understand much of the game back in the early 2000's and never got very far but loved the atmosphere. It wasn't until my teens I played through it proper. Here's one of the early tracks and one of my favourites, the UNATCO theme, It has the same minimal techy edge of so many other soundtracks I've posted and isn't hindered by the limitations of the UMX format it's stored in.

Similarly one of my other favourites form the soundtrack does a good job of hiding it's MOD-derived roots of the era. It's actually surprisingly one of the longer songs on the actual released OST as well, though a lot of the game does happen in Hell's Kitchen so you'll hear this plenty. It does a fantastic job of setting the tone and atmosphere of universe's desolate New York of 2052.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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Discotraxx said...

Michiel van den Bos & Alexander Brandon had major contributions to the fantastic Unreal Tournament soundtrack: