Saturday 8 October 2016

Double Click Blues

Gerard Sekoto - The Jazz Band (1961)

Oh boy guess whose mouse is actin' up again? It's a lil annoying from time to time so I'm going to try and knock a few posts out while the gettin's good. With the title in mind thought I'd pay a visit to some of the jazzier parts of my collection. Starting with something from FlyLo, it ain't hard to see why he was on Adult Swim's radar with tunes like this.

Revisiting the Cowboy Bebop remixes again. In what will probably be blasphemy to other fans of the soundtrack, the original Piano Black is not one of my all time favourites from it, luckily I have Ian O'Brien to remedy that. The downtempo take on the tune is a lovely addition to an already solid remix compilation.

Speaking of that album, I can't go having a jazzy themed post without giving a nod of the hat to Mr. Scruff now can I? Here's another bit from Keep It Unreal, specifically one of the bonus tunes on the 2nd disc 10 year anniversary edition. The intro alone is finger snappingly good, and like much of Keep It Unreal is a lovely listen.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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