Monday 10 October 2016

The Return Of The Röyk'

I am back with news of new Röyksopp Rumblings. This one's actually been sat in my to-do pile for a while, but the original promo email only had spotify and apple music links and I couldn't figure out how to embed 'em. Anyway, the Röyksopp boys are back after leaving us a little uncertain after saying they were abandoning the album format with the ominously titled The Inevitable End. This time with a shiny new retro aesthetic and some junk style helmets too. Seems they've heeded my call somewhat and fully embraced the pop streak of Junior, which isn't necessarily a bad thing...

I think I like the visuals more than the cover that's been making the rounds on soundcloud and the like, seems a little cool in terms of palette for the sound of it. Which speaking of, remember a while back for one of the submithub roundup posts where I was saying I missed La Roux and was surprised no one's jumped to fill in the gap? Well it looks like the 'sopp might be on that track with this one, Susanne Sundfør's delivery here is unlike most of what I've heard from her, certainly a far cry from the bittersweet melancholy of Running To The Sea, and she pulls it off in fantastic style.

It's not grabbing me as instantly as Junior did, but I am definitely down for more stuff in this vein to see where it goes. (Plus my weakness for all things Susanne Sundfør, Karin Dreijer, Lykke Li and Robyn probably helps too.) They're clearly having fun with it, the vaguely Tim & Eric style visuals have me charmed, and judging by the appearance of Svein & Torbjørn in the video they aren't taking themselves too seriously which electronic music could always use a bit more of. For comparison's sake and just because it's one of my favourite pieces from their last release, I leave you with Thank You, and I thank the promo folk who put this on my radar to begin with, 'cos I'm a bit rubbish at keeping up with new releases these days.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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