Thursday 6 October 2016

Throwin' Back

Here's a little something that was meant to go up around the blog's birthday back in August, so only about 2 months late then. Anyway, I was looking back over the history of the blog and just generally reminiscin' and decided to go over what is one of our founding blocks (if not arguably the most important one), of House. I owe an obscure local house tune for securing my initial writing position for on, so here's a rundown of a few of my all time fave house tunes.

Keith Haring - Best Buddies (1990)

Starting with Mushrooms, which is one of the few tunes that make me put the 'but' in "I usually don't like minimal, but...". I love the format of it for a start, as an audio driven cautionary tale, it might not be perfect for dancefloor consumption but it's an interesting listen nonetheless. I love how it builds with the progression of the story too, especially when most of the elements come together at 1:33 or so.

As I mentioned on the last podcast, A:xus has been a long stay in my music collection since being introduced to me via Midnight Club II. This one actually came to be my favourite remix of the song that did introduce me (which would be (When I Fall (Stryke's Acid Dub Techsture) ). I love A:xus' vocal house stuff anyway, but Stryke's almost deep house treatment is a welcome addition to the mix.

And I can't go being all nostalgic about discovering house and this blog without giving honourable mentions to Crydamoure and Roulé. Each label being one half of Daft Punk was a dream come true for a young house addict like I was. And they still remain top quality examples to this day, with Thomas Bangalter responsible for a whole lot of favourite tunes, His particularly funky breed of house pesent on the Trax On Da Rocks EPs especially so.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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