Friday 28 October 2016

Röyskopp's Track Of The Month Archive: Part 2

Part two of the track archive, Starting off with a twin offering of instrumentals yet again. All the instrumentals are from Junior which was newly out at the time, I would have liked to hear other instrumentals from older LPs but who knows if they even have the masters anymore. Anyway, It's What I Want may be the best instrumental example yet, the stripping away of the vocals reveals some interesting stuff tat otherwise gets a bit lost in the mix.

And then followed by Happy Up Here. Which by comparison isn't too different from the original, handy if you need some backing music for some project though, and still interesting to see it stripped bare and all.

Onto Track Of The Month Originals here, they were always a bit of a puzzle to me because I just assumed they'd appear on an EP down the line but they never did. I suppose if you have the half finished project lying around and you plan this whole track of the month thing you might as well finish it for that but still. Hus Nr. 9 is very smooth indeed, it'd still fit in right at home on Junior but it still has that mid-2000s chillout sensibility that was present on Melody A.M. and The Understanding, there are little flourishes here and there but it's fairly sedate for the most part. A fun little listen, if a bit lacking in parts.

Something from their upbeat catalogue next. Unlike Hus Nr. 9, this one doesn't feel like a Junior byproduct at all, which would make sense given this is month 8 by now so it could've been something they knocked up in the meantime, doubly so given the unceremonious ending. Not to be negative hough, it all kicks off in spectacular fashion around 2:00 in and I almost wish the 'Sopp boys had done a few more tunes with those kinda sounds, it's so unlike anything they've done before.

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