Thursday 23 April 2020

Monday Blues 2020: Trip Hop Boogaloo

NOTE: Hi there! I'm going through the backcatalogue and re-publishing all the posts I can find. I'm re-posting them as new articles too just so there is visible content going up. This post is originally from April 2016.


Vasily Polenov - Downpour (1874)

Back with more downtempo things for yer ears, trying to not make it and out and out sadfest as I might've done in the past but we'll see. Starting off with an early bit of Zombie Nation circa '99, this one was always a highlight for me as I'm sure you aware I a fiend for anything trip hop to start with, and doubly so when there's some vocoder goodness n there too.

Mr. Scruff and his penchant for jazzy sounds now. Adored this one for a long time, my favourite parts is where the tune gets slightly more upbeat sounding during the breakdowns which is a nice little twist on the usual formula. Also as a reminder I need more Scruff in my collection once again.

Finishing off with Martina Topley-Bird. This one in particular has been quite popular as of late because it's been sampled a whole bunch. Haven't heard much form her in a while, but between Her solo career and extensive work with Tricky I think we'll have enough to tide us by. Here's Sandpaper Kisses.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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