Wednesday 15 April 2020

Vintage Oizo (Part Three) [2020 Repost]

NOTE: Hi there! I'm going through the backcatalogue and re-publishing all the posts I can find. I'm re-posting them as new articles too just so there is visible content going up. This post is originally from September 2016.


Not a full in-depth look at an EP this time unfort, simply because there ain't that much more material to get stuck into, it's around '99 and '00 and Oizo's well on his way to taking off. But you already know that, so let's not dilly dally and get into it.

Contrary to the image above, we're actually visiting the Analog Worms Attack EP first, for a B-side that didn't make it onto the LP. The Dead Chair is standard fare Oizo at this point, the samples and rough electro waves in the intro should be enough to tell you that. Still it's a solid addition to the pack if you really dig that era's sound as I do.

Then onto the Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog EP, probably Oizo's most conventional of the lot (which would make sense, it came out in 2000 after the Flat Beat success). It features a whole host of remixes from the likes of Alex Gopher and Demon. And in true Oizo fashion none of these are simply labeled (X Remix) oh no, but more on that in a bit. For now here's the original, same as it appears on the Analog Worms Attack LP.

One of the mixes is by a one Matthew Herbert, someone I've been meaning to cover but getting hold of it is proving difficult. I was introduced to him through his 2001 LP Bodily Functions, a mix of downtempo and house that has little in common with this remix. What you do get is a funky feeling cut-up reworking of the original that is well worthy of being included on a Oizo release.

And finally, one of my all time faves that I have listened to hundreds of times since I picked it up off some MP3 site in the early 00's, the unsettlingly titled Monday Massacre. I prefer it to the slightly altered version dubbed No Day Massacre on the Analog Worms Attack LP, there's not much difference between the two, but in the EP version you get the absolutely gorgeous breakdown starting at 2:29 whereas the LP version has Feadz laying down some scratching over the top of it.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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