Saturday 25 April 2020

Reunions (2020)

NOTE: Hi there! I'm going through the backcatalogue and re-publishing all the posts I can find. I'm re-posting them as new articles too just so there is visible content going up. This post is originally from July 2017.


Meeting an old friend tomorrow who's seen me through some tough times in the past. It's been a while because well we both have lives now and all that (see also: me and keeping up with posts), things are a little tough right now too so I'm gonna get a lil sappy with some nostalgic tunes from my library..

Max Ernst - A Friends' Reunion (1922)

Starting with something from many late nights and early mornings cutting videos for uni. We're in that boat once again but I have Omni Trio's signature piano keys to keep me company, with Tracey Thorn doing her thing too. Much more sedate than the original for sure, those added basslines that are distinctly Omni Trio are a delight to listen to.

Kittin's been one of my favourite voices in music since I picked up Kittenz & Thee Glitz sometime in the early 00's. Got a special place for a lot of stuff she's been involved with, Hometown especially so. Out of nowhere Miss Kittin & The Hacker drop an EP after a few years of quiet, and it's a much more of a love letter to their new wave roots than the deliberate explicitness of their electroclash stuff. Kittin really shows of her talent for more downtempo stuff here, which is why I dig this and Rippin Kittin so much.

The Knife are also an incredibly important band to me, but I've already said enough about that in previous posts. I picked up their entire backcatalogue a long time ago and put it all in rotation. I don't think there's a single track on any of them that I don't associate with something or someone. And here's a primo example of that.

Apologies if this was a little self indulgent and that, I know it's pretty shit to read about blogger's memories when you have no connection to them but I just needed to drop something. We'll be back to regular stuff next time.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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